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Why choose SMJ Physiotherapy?

I am a highly skilled chartered physiotherapist with 18+ years of extensive musculoskeletal and sports injury experience.  This enables me to assist people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.

It is not good to have a constant underlying feeling of pain and discomfort. It drags you down, both physically and mentally over the course of each and every day. The problem is that you are not sure what is causing the pain or  when and if  it will settle down, which stops you getting back to the things you enjoy in life, as you fear re-injury or  restriction/underlying problems resulting from the injury.

What you are looking for is a thorough assessment of the problem, including the surrounding areas, in order to obtain a clear diagnosis. You need your  assessment to be followed by further fast and effective treatment sessions. My patient -centred treatments will aim to settle your symptoms and to manage the underlying cause of the problem, thereby allowing you to get back to enjoying life.

What treatments are available?

Following detailed assessment, I will treat your condition using any of the following methods:

Manual therapy


Kinesio Taping

Lymphoedema  Management

Joint and soft tissue mobilisation

Core stability and strength training

Exercise rehabilitation

Postural/ Movement correction and modifications

Prevention management and advice

As part of your treatment, I will explain the underlying contributing factors causing your symptoms, along with ways to correct and prevent them. I will also assist you to understand the potential bad influences -  from habitual postures, soft tissue and joint restrictions - that could lead to the recurrence of the injury or illness.

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